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The ILD Team was featured in a profile on VOYAGELA.COM. This interview showcases  ILD's philosophy, creative inspirations and love of all things unique and beautiful.
The creative team of Inspired Living Design has long been a staple on the Los Angeles design scene, and became widely recognized for their “retro” showroom Sunset ORANGE, located in Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction from 2000 - 2007. After closing the showroom and working the next year exclusively for actress Katherine Heigl designing and furnishing her new retreat outside of Park City, Utah, we turned our focus to our own neighborhood, Historic West Adams.
Living in a turn-of-the-century house presents the homeowner with a myriad of challenges - from out dated plumbing and electrical systems to thoughtless “renovations” done decades ago to kitchens that no longer serve today’s needs.  ILD overcomes these obstacles and more.  After navigating through several HPOZ design review boards and having survived our own “restor-vation,” we are thoroughly versed in the trials and tribulations that can befall an unaware homeowner.  We strive to make the impact of your renovation as minimal as possible. Thoughtful Historic Renovations are our specialty. Though our homes are from another era, the way it functions today must meet the needs and way of life of an active 21st century existence. Just because a house might be 100 years old, does it really have to act its age? 
Design Team

Design Team

John Patterson and Jeff Valdez are the creative duo behind Inspired Living Design, and they both enjoy the challenge of a mid-century modern renovation as much as that of a Craftsman bungalow.   John brings nearly 30 years of design experience to ILD, which began with a 1970’s apprenticeship and later partnership with Muriel Glass Interiors of Hancock Park.  A segue into international marketing & public relations as Vice-President of the Italian Jewelry Guild afforded him both a successful business acumen as well as opportunities to travel the world, thereby further informing his design savvy and providing invaluable inspirations. Coming back to his first love of interior design, the opening of Sunset ORANGE set the course that led to ILD.  Jeff brings a photographer’s eye, with an innate understanding of composition, symmetry and detail. He thinks outside the box, bringing a unique perspective to each new project. As an accomplished cook, kitchens are his favorite room to design.  He excels in creating a kitchen environment in which he would like to cook.  From the work flow to ergonomics, a kitchen must function efficiently without sacrificing décor and ambience.
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