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Create a Glamorous Home With Old Hollywood Regency Style

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Interior Design

Californians have a rich history of design and style. One of the most famous examples of this is Old Hollywood glamour. Calling back to the rich and luxurious lifestyles of stars in the 1930s, this decorative style — often called Hollywood Regency — is everything that people want California life to look like.

So how can you add Old Hollywood style to your home? Here are a few easy ways.

Glam It Up With Gold

While the idea of the "Golden Age" of Hollywood is largely metaphorical, it actually did entail decorating with luxurious gold. Gold candlesticks, trays, art pieces, frames, and lighting elements will make your home look luxe and rich, even if it's not.

Modern technology means you can also incorporate gold into your decor in unexpected ways, such as a hammered gold sink, trim on a sofa, or even in a kitchen backsplash. Have fun with it, and let out your inner starlet!

Pair Metals With Glass

Match all those gorgeous metals with glass and mirrors. Big, Art Deco mirrors not only boost the natural lighting in your home and bring in a retro style, but they also reflect the Hollywood emphasis on beauty and "being seen."

You can use mirrors in creative ways around the home, such as with mirrored trays on tables, reflective art pieces, or mirrored closet doors. Want to create a focal point for any room that will make great use of reflective surfaces? Why not hang a delicious crystal chandelier?

Throw in Bold Colors

Now is a great time to have fun with color choices. If you've been looking for a way to use that distinct color that doesn't seem to fit in modern styles, you can use it with Old Hollywood style. Orange, bright pink, teal, gold, or deep green — they can all work with this decor.

Of course, you'll need to be careful in using bold colors. You usually want to pair bold colors with a softer or neutral shade (white and black are always good Old Hollywood neutrals) so they’re not overwhelming. If you're leery of using bold colors, learn a little about the color wheel first.

Add Fun Patterns

Finally, top off your style with a few awesome patterns. During the early Hollywood Regency years, animal prints were the primary pattern of choice. If you want to go with faux animal prints, add them judiciously — such as by throwing a few giraffe print throw pillows on a couch or a zebra style rug in the center of a conversation area.

Of course, you don't have to use animal prints specifically if those aren't your style. You may want to opt for oversized flower patterns, stripes, or Art Deco-inspired geometric designs. Textures can also add great patterns to a space or piece of furniture. Try soft velvets, fluffy feathers, thick shags, or embossed artwork.

Keep Furniture Slim and Trim

So how do you keep all this over-the-top decor from overpowering a room? One way is by minimizing the furniture. True Hollywood Regency furnishings were smaller than most of today's furniture and featured slim lines.

Look for minimalist sofas that have slim legs, tables with pedestals rather than four feet, or low visual footprints. Depending on how you want to use patterns in your decor, you may want to stick with solid colors for base furniture and then decorate with accent colors and interesting shapes.

Ready to get started transforming your modern house into a haven of old school glamour? Begin with a visit to the interior decorating pros at Inspired Living Interior Design today. We can help you make this a Golden Age for your own home.