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How Decorative Displays Above the Kitchen Cabinet Add Cohesion

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Kitchen Display
When it comes to interior decorating, you don't want any areas that are passengers, or just taking up space. The area between the top of the kitchen cabinets and ceiling is often approached as such a space. At most, it's used for storing little-used items. Sometimes, it's left bare. Find out why you should decorate above the cabinets deliberately to add a sense of cohesion to your décor.
Add a Personal Connection
The kitchen is a utilitarian space. Whether yours is a historic home or a new build, your kitchen is almost certainly modern and convenient. However, neither of those qualities is personal. The above-shelf space is the area where you can show your style without sacrificing useful space.
You can make this display cohesive by choosing items that create a personal connection for you in the kitchen. These items can range from serving plates you inherited to a catchy sign you saw at the local store. Build around those items to create a display that speaks to the unique character of your home.
Promote a Theme
With that in mind, many people like to designate a theme for their kitchen. Common kitchen themes include farmhouse or Mediterranean kitchen. Homeowners may even remodel their home to create the foundation for that theme. Either way, though, the above-cabinet space is a good area for promoting that theme.
For example, if you have a farmhouse kitchen theme, you could display items you'd expect to find in a country kitchen. Naturally, your own appliances are bound to be modern. However, maybe you could find an old mixer or even butter churn. You could mix the vintage pieces with modern country décor, such as farm signs or farm animal figurines.
Display Antiques
Speaking of vintage items, many people love to shop flea markets and antique stores for unique décor finds. Once you have these antiques, though, the challenge is to display them. The above-cabinet space is ideal for displaying flea market finds.
The method for using the space to promote cohesive décor in the kitchen is to choose antique kitchen items. Group together your old utensils, kitchen tools, food containers, and whatever other kitchen items you found. These are the basis for your display. Because they follow in the theme of the room, the décor should feel more cohesive.
Draw the Eye Up
Sometimes your ceiling doesn't soar as high as you might like. One of the first suggestions your interior designer is going to make is to paint the ceiling a light color to create visual space. However, another way to make your room appear bigger, or at least taller, is to draw the eye up. This method works toward cohesion because it makes an awkward space useful.
For this décor method, you don't necessarily have to create an involved display. Indeed, perhaps you'd like to add plants to your kitchen. If the cabinet top isn't too far up for watering, you could place lowlight plants on the shelf. Conversely, faux plants are a good idea if you don't want to climb on a stool for watering.
Take up Space
Maybe the opposite is true for you - you have soaring ceilings, or there's a tall gap between the cabinets and the ceiling. Not only is that space wasted, but it can make your kitchen feel empty or unfinished. In this case, decorate with some tall décor pieces.
Your tall décor pieces can be kitchen-related, or you can get artistic. Indeed, you can use the area to display actual artwork in frames. Conversely, you can create a collection with tall vases or sculptures. This approach adds cohesion because you're adding that finishing touch to an unfinished space.
Using a collection of items to decorate a shelf can be challenging, but it's worth the effort. Collect some décor items you'd like to use in the above-cabinet space, and consult with an interior designer for advice. The expert designers at Inspired Living Design can help you create cohesive décor in your kitchen.