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Updating Your Home's Interior? 4 Gorgeous Trends You'll Love In 2017

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Image of living room
Are you planning to update or remodel your home in 2017? If so, you've picked an exciting time in interior design. Modern interiors are being combined with classic colors and materials to create an up-to-date space in which you can get away from it all.
Want to know how you can take advantage of the best in 2017 design trends? Here are 4 ideas for any style and any room.

1. Jewel Tones

Deep colors are making a comeback, and they add drama and interest to any room. Decorating in bold greens, purples, wines or blues are an easy way to give a room a quick and inexpensive makeover. There are many shades to these hues, so you can go for a dark and contemplative shade or a light and engaging version. It's up to you!
Bold, jeweled colors may be more difficult to work with than a simpler, neutral palette, so you may want to work with a professional interior designer to find the right way to accessorize them. Too many other busy features in a room, for example, may combine with a deep wall color to make everything seem small and claustrophobic. A minimalist interior, on the other hand, makes a bright jewel tone really pop.

2. Escape Hatches

With people living increasingly busy lives filled with technology, many homeowners are looking to make their house a haven from the world. To this end, you can often find ways to add tranquil options to any room. It could be something as simple as adding a comfortable bench under a bay window, enlarging an existing window to let in more light or adding a small reading nook to the family space.
Even if you can't change the structure of a room, you can make it cozy and inviting with thick blankets, knit wool rugs and sofa coverings, soft pillows or oversize sofas and love seats. And adding interesting textures in your interior design can make a room feel more "real" in a digital world.

3. Upholstered Bedrooms

Upholstered bedroom furniture softens any room immediately. Particularly popular in 2017 is the upholstered bed head. These luxurious features turn a bed into a destination and make it look much more romantic. You've seen them in luxury hotels and spas, so why not add one to your own master suite?
Whether you like the classic look with a myriad of covered buttons or a sleeker version with clean lines, you'll find prices lowering and more options available as they grow in popularity. Complement an upholstered bed head with a luxurious vanity in a similar style, a stand-alone mirror and high-quality bedding for the ultimate glamor room.

4. Natural Materials

An increasing awareness of the need to be kind to the earth is creating more demand for sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Look for more sustainable options like cork and wood to cover walls and in flooring. Decorate with some lush, beautiful indoor plants to complete the natural look.
In addition to actual environmentally-focused material, the natural and soft-hued look of earth colors and textures makes a home feel cozier. Matte-finish terra cotta and similar classic shades make great accent walls and trim features. You may even want to leave some walls with a slightly unfinished, deconstructed look by using exposed brick, brown plaster finishes and cement.
2017's fantastic trends reflect a world filled with upheaval and uncertainty, where everyone wants to go home to a relaxing environment that welcomes them. No matter which of these organic interiors fits your particular style, using them wisely is sure to help you create the perfect place to hang your hat at the end of the day.