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Harvard Heights

She suffered in silence as she spent the last few decades as a boarding house. Our client bought the house to restore it to it’s former glory. A nearly year long restoration process uncovered untold atrocities. All of the glorious Douglas Fir wood work throughout the house had been painted. The fireplace bricks were painted red with white grout lines. Every room in the house had dead bolt locks, since it was a boarding house apparently no one trusted their neighbor. The bathrooms were a health hazard, not to mention building and safety issues. The exterior of the house had been covered in Asbestos tiles and the rafter tails (decorative ends of the roof joists) were rotting and weathered away. We stripped the wood, cleaned the fireplace bricks to discover beautiful glazed firebricks, redesigned and rebuilt the bathrooms and added a new one to the mix. At the end of it all what emerged was a beautiful 5 bedroom, 3 bath home with all of its original Craftsman details restored.

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