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About us

The success of Inspired Living Design is our ability to achieve complete customer satisfaction based on excellent communication and organizational skills. While good design is always paramount, the management of the installation is where clients experience their greatest challenges, that's why we focus much of our attention during this phase. The key to our success is rooted in building lasting, quality client relationships.

Inspired Living Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Design Team

Inspired Living Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico

John Patterson brings over 40 years of design experience with companies like Muriel Glass Interiors where he rose to partner, and the Italian Jewelry Guild where he was VP of Global Marketing. But it was his passion for interior design and client collaboration that led him to open Inspired Living Design.


Jeff Valdez is a New Mexico native, and his 35 years of experience as a commercial photographer brings a unique eye for composition and detail to each Inspired Living Design project. Thinking outside the box, Jeff lends a distinctive point-of-view to each new project and helps clients fulfill their aesthetic vision.

Inspired Living Design's concept for Modern Living

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